How to decorate the dining room so that it is luxurious and elegant

In a good house, the existence of a dining room becomes a necessity, large or small, a room specifically separated from other spaces, or fitted out with the kitchen function. The dining room becomes a means of “uniting” the family. In the dining room, family members can get together and meet. In fact, it could be the dining room which is the only room where families gather in the midst of other people’s activities. This is why the design of the dining room cannot be considered trivial. Each element that shapes and decorates a dining room must be able to accommodate and appreciate the needs of all members of the family. Comfort, unity and a comfortable flow of space are important factors that need to be included. Then, how to decorate the dining room so that it is luxurious and elegant; luxurious and elegant enough to make family members want to get together to eat in the middle of their busy lives; also luxurious and elegant enough to entertain parents or business travelers so that conviviality and business are created Find the answers in this article!

1. Large solid wood dining table like the “belle” in the dining room

large solid wood dining table. A Viking-style dining table like this can display luxury, because to do so, it usually requires wood from a large tree several tens or even hundreds of years old. The massive screen exhibits its robustness and its “grandeur” entertain many people. The inherent features of wood also strengthen its excellent position in the dining room.

2. Lights on the dining table

A classic element on the dining table in the Residency becomes a feature that reinforces the sense of luxury and elegance. There appears to be lights such as candles in a glass placed on a wooden plate that hangs above the dining table showing elegant simplicity and which always emphasizes traditional features such as the main concept. Lights on the dining table reinforce the ‘border’ setting of the dining table, strengthening it as a focal point in the dining room.

3. Dining room ceiling design and data

The design and details of the ceiling are decorated with wood carvings on the dining table, with a sumptuous approach to the dining room to give a luxurious and elegant impression. The shape of the triangular ceiling follows the gable that houses the house. Such a ceiling design not only honestly exposes the structure, but at the same time forms the volume of the particular dining room.

4. The lighting is full of warmth

Not only the type and model of lighting that greatly influence the atmosphere of the dining room, but the choice of the color of the lamp will create a different atmosphere. The residence uses the color of white lights to breathe the beauty of the chandelier in the middle of the dining room which is dominated by brown wood on the ceiling, table and chairs and carved walls. put the yellow candle in the lamp houses resembling frosted glass patterned glass. Unique, using patterned frosted glass to give a bright yellow light, but not dazzling.

5. The combination of black, white and brown

it looks luxurious and elegant from a mix of glossy black, natural brown, and white that gives a clean impression on shelves, walls, floors and kitchen ceilings.

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