luxury stairs for your future home

Are you planning to build a townhouse? If yes, then the ladder is necessary in the construction of townhouses. Not only do you have to consider the basics for good levels for your home, but you must adapt the design to the overall interior design.

Nowadays there are so many variations of the shape of the staircase, the variation is usually a modification of the shape of a straight staircase, from a curved staircase (spiral) to a circular staircase (helical). These models are so great and might prevent you from applying them at home. But, do not let yourself be lulled by its shape, you still have to pay attention to the balance function of the building.

Contemporary minimalist stairs

The design of a luxury staircase on this one is the design of a staircase that is most often found in a luxury house or apartment. The hallmark of this luxury staircase is the glass staircase (blaster). Although the material used in the design of stairs or railings and railings is made of oak wood, it is therefore not slippery. Sometimes mood lights are added to the steps.

The stairs of luxury houses are usually placed attached to the wall, like a house with a minimalist concept that does not make the staircase the focal point of the room. The width of the stairs was not too wide, but not too narrow, adapted to the proportion of the house. If your house is not too large, you can choose the shape of the staircase rotation with the L model. Unless you have more space, you can choose the right shape of the staircase.

Modern ladder with industrial elements

If you want to give industrial touch to the design of your home, you can try applying it on the ladder design. The ladder in this industrial-centric mansion uses iron-on-the-ladder material to cover part of the housewife. The strong industrial component of this luxury ladder is shown from iron bars which are mounted horizontally on a staircase. The combination made in designing these luxury staircases is the use of wooden components in the stairs. In addition to providing a smooth aesthetic blend, the wooden components in the steps can also strengthen the foundation of the stairs. You can also use wood fibers instead of real wood.

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