Hall / Hall Room, should you decorate it or leave it spacious?

The hall / hall decorations start with the wall, the selection of carpets, lighting, furniture, sound system, up to the cooling units.

Hall or Hall is a large spacious room in a building, whether it is an office, a hotel or a shopping center. The hall is often used as a meeting center or a place to organize parties and receptions, for example wedding receptions and receptions, gatherings, meetings, reunions or birthday parties.

It is not uncommon that this room is not only used for internal purposes, but also to rent to organize parties or receptions. Because its function is quite flexible, which is the best, leaving the room minimalist and spacious, or decorating it? Through this article, we will further explore the room or hall and the decorations that may apply here.

Decorated hall vs spacious hall

The hall is a space that is intended to meet the needs of the public, since the events that usually take place here involve many people, such as meetings, parties, receptions and meetings. Although at the time of this event, the hall will be equipped with various unique decorations and ornaments, but it is good that the hall or hall itself was previously made with decorative touches, both from the walls, from the lighting and floor. So the room did not seem innocent

Hall / hall wall

Before decorating other parts of the room, be sure to put more emphasis on the walls. Choose the right color, the color that is flexible for all events, but always displays the luxurious and elegant impression. The choice of the color of the hall walls can be adjusted to the color of the walls of another room. If you want to give a different color to the corner of the other room, make sure the difference is not too noticeable. For example, if the walls of another room are painted light brown, you can paint the walls of this room in milky white or ivory yellow. You can choose another color combination, provided that the two colors complement each other and do not appear to contrast. In addition to applying the correct paint color, you can place other items on the wall, for example, works of art such as paintings, murals, mirrors, or you can experiment on window frames. , which are carved or mosaic shapes. This is legitimate, provided that its existence is not excessive.

Selection of carpets for halls / halls

You can place the carpet as a floor mat or leave the spacious hall floor without a base. If you want to place a carpet, you can use a carpet with ethnic patterns or mosaic, which must be adapted to other patterns or ornamental patterns in this room. Or, you can choose solid rugs and highlight the color selection. For example, you can use a red, brown or gold carpet. These three colors are capable of giving an impression of luxury in the room.

Lighting in the hall / hall

Often the lighting in the hall is mounted on the ceiling, where the distance between one lamp and another is 1 to 2 meters. You can choose the type of frosted bulb that can emit a soft light and not too bright. Then, right in the middle of the room, there is a main light which is usually a very majestic crystal chandelier. If the size of this room is very large, you can place more than one crystal chandelier in the room. This is to create a grand and luxurious impression, so that it can attract the attention of everyone present. Other types of lighting, such as lanterns, candles or wall lights can be installed in several corners of the room, but they are adapted to the needs and types of events that will take place in this area.

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