5 Minimalist Mushola designs in the home

An ideal home is one that can meet the needs of its residents. For those who are Muslim, one of the rooms required is a prayer room. Although prayer can be done in other rooms such as rooms and living rooms, a special room is a way to make worship more solemn. No need for a room that is too large, as a simple minimalist but modern mosque can be your choice.

Minimalist mosque with light and natural air circulation

You don’t have to open a window to follow this minimalist prayer room design. What matters is the exchange of air and incoming sunlight. Natural air circulation is very important so that the room feels fresh and not damp due to the air conditioner. This way you and your family can worship quietly without being bothered by the musty air.

On the other hand, sunlight during the day can save electricity and provide more comfort in this minimalist mosque. If possible, avoid windows in Qibla direction. In addition to the sunrise that will dazzle at dawn, outdoor opportunities can guide you and your family as you worship.

Minimalist mosque in soft colors

A minimalist prayer room with a small space will be more spacious with these colors. In this way, worship will be more comfortable. This is why the choice of paint colors for the house and other colors of building paint is just as important. Not only that, colors are capable of reflecting light, both sunlight and light. These advantages will make the room brighter, so it is very useful when the mosque is used to study the Koran.

A minimalist mosque with simple furnishings

It’s not too much, if you want your music to be more beautiful. However, because the minimalist prayer rooms in homes have limited space, it is very important to fill them with functional furniture, especially if they are large.Choose an open cupboard or glass door to store prayer rugs, the meekness, the Koran, and other religious books. This type of cabinet will give the impression of a modern and more spacious room. As a decorative addition to this minimalist prayer hall, you can add a wall shelf to store Islamic displays.

Minimalist mosque with ablutions

The prayer hall is incomplete if it has no ablution site, including the minimalist prayer hall. To make it easier for you, family members or guests to pray, place the ablution facilities in the mosque. A tap of water is also sufficient to be used as a place of ablution.

However, be careful with placement, yes. Do not let the ablution water splash on the prayer floor. To avoid this, you can use a divider or room divider or you can also design a place for ablutions outside the minimalist prayer hall.

A minimalist mosque with decorations made of natural materials

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