5 Living Room Design Ideas To Make Your Space Look Luxe

While the kitchen and bathroom often take precedence when it is time to renovate, the living room first looks at decorations when their home needs to be renovated. As guests of the first room see, it should reflect your personal taste. But what if your champagne style contrasts with your canned beer budget? At MyDomaine we never let finance get in the way of fashionable space, so we presented some living room design ideas for people on a budget.
But before you get started, there are a few things to consider first.

  1. Art on a large scale

Create a focal point and add a touch of space to your space by hanging a large work of art alone in one of the walls of the living room. The appearance is chic and impactful, with little hassle. Keep your eyes peeled in flea markets and thrift stores for large pieces at reasonable prices, or get creative and create your own if you’re decorating on a budget.

2. Simplify your style

A cluttered living room, with accessories, may seem cluttered and disorganized, rather than elegant and sophisticated. Refresh your collection and keep only pieces that have sentimental value. A simplified space will allow the remaining items to truly shine and keep you on budget.

3. Camouflage your television

Nothing destroys the feeling of refined luxury in a space that looks like a huge black television placed in the front and center. If beautiful mirrors that hide the TV are not within your budget, visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall or art style in salon style around it. Although it will not disappear completely, the image of the television will merge with the other artwork and distract the eye. Plus, with a few economical finds, this idea works on every budget.

4. Use attractive textile materials

Give your living room a personalized look by using vintage or antique fabrics to make cushions or cover small pieces, such as chair cushions or upholstered benches. Antique Turkish rugs are another easy way to instantly create visual intrigue. Unusual fabrics will inject unique elements into your room and personalize your space. Alternatively, add a weft throw on the sofa or chair to increase the comfort factor.

5. Include sculptural item

Prevent your room from becoming a sea of ​​straight lines and circular shapes by introducing an element with an interesting shape or unique silhouette. A coffee table with a tree root or an unusual side seat will feel like an art piece in your living room, adding an unexpected and completely artistic component to your design (even on a budget).

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