Unless you are part of the 1% yourself, it is hard not to be at least a little curious about how these lucky people live. And maybe nothing is as intriguing as where they could bow their heads every night. The luxury rooms presented in this article are at the height of indulgence, from sumptuous bedding to glorious bedroom chandeliers, they offer us a glimpse of the world that always seems just out of reach.

While having more money may seem like a one-way ticket to all the happiness you could manage, it doesn’t hurt to bring cheerful colors too. This bright and sunny room has lots of it with hints of citrus and lots of light.

The oversize tree graphic really gives this room a focal point. The chocolate brown bedding and walls are neutral, but still rich while a breathtaking vanity and metallic accents make it a modern Cinderella dream.

Of course, sometimes stripped-down design is what luxury is. This elegant and minimalist room always speaks of luxury but it does so in a low voice. From simple white gauze curtains to a long, low bed, there is nothing here that is not needed. Except maybe the chandelier.

Luxury features don’t stop in this room. Assembling the raised bed platform is like riding a throne while an elegant and ornate vanity is also suited to royalty. The huge private bathroom is the only way to enjoy a long day of luxury living.

This bedroom tends to what most people can imagine when dreaming of luxury. Rick purple upholstery on each surface, a perfectly polished marble floor and lots of gold leaf.

On the other end of the spectrum is this simple bedroom that celebrates luxury in a completely different way. With dark wood accents and a carefully organized storage system, this bedroom is what modern luxury means.

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