Natural Stone For Conjuring Simple Homes To Look Luxurious

Stone is an ancient construction material that never wears out. Using natural stone motifs for outside walls or home decoration will give a touch of elegance and luxury in your home. A touch of natural stone can give your home a variety of looks ranging from the impression of the Ancient World to super modern. All depends on the type of stone, how the arrangement, and of course the color. Starting in the 19th century, many houses were built with stone and most of the buildings still survive today.So, how do you turn your modest home into a luxurious look with a touch of natural stone? Here are a few examples.

Terrace Front of the House with Natural Stone

You can put stones in front of the house to the terrace. This form of rural stone is widely used in European-style construction, such as for example villas in Italy and mansions in the Tudor style. The medieval impression that arises makes this kind of design suitable for those of you who have elegant tastes. With a little touch and renovation, you can juggle a simple house to be more stylish.

Mediterranean exterior

Many old buildings use stone as the main material. However, modern architects add a touch of rock to get a minimalist beautiful impression. You can add monochrome colored stones that are placed geometrically. Darken the window color to make it look more modern.

A Touch of Natural Stone in the Interior

No need to make your whole house in French style to look elegant. You can put various natural stones on the existing wall, for example at the entrance, in a small kitchen, or on one side of the living room. Using the stones in this way gives you the chance to change the house to become more elegant without having to do a major renovation.

Making Natural Stone As A Wall Decoration

Having a house with wooden shades does not mean you have to give up on these beautiful natural stones. You can choose a small part of the wall to decorate with pieces of colored stones in harmony with wood. You can also choose furniture such as tables or vases made of natural stones to support the interior design of your home.

Using Natural Stone for House Fence

Want to keep using the rocks without disturbing the house that was built? You can choose this option: use natural stone as a fence material. So that the color does not contrast, choose a paint color or stone color that matches each other.

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