5 fire pit ideas for your outdoor space

Fire pits in the backyard maximize outdoor time, provide a natural place to collect after sunset and temperature changes, choosing the look suitable for your practical needs and the general aesthetics of your space. Here are a few ideas that will make everyone hang out after sunset.

  1. Give each chair access to the fire

On this page are banquets that mimic the L-shape of a fire element, allowing you to enjoy the flame at any angle. “Keep your seat low, even 12 inches from the ground, to create a feeling of relaxation,” he said. A beautiful ceramic ball located inside a pit of fire not only increases the visual attractiveness, but also helps to radiate heat.

2. Choose a universal fire hole

This fire bowl has a smart built-in function: you can add a pipe type to turn it into a table when the fire goes out. A polished concrete bench and bibs mimic design features, linking space together.

3. Take advantage of the display

This modern concrete fireplace has been cast in place to provide a perfect view of the ocean. At the same time, herbs, tea trees and aloe plants form a natural screen that preserves a sense of privacy.

4. Put the Fire Pit in the Action Center

A white stucco fireplace was installed outside this kitchen in the open air, which facilitated movement around the house in the back yard. The orientation of the built-in seats turns you back into a home, pool and outdoor kitchen that activates the space and assimilates the view. Clearing the area with gravel creates the feeling of a room, and the combination of integrated seats and chairs creates flexibility.

5. Choose additional materials

Make your outdoor space a sensation of expanding your interior using similar materials and an additional palette. The Mexican villa from Legoretta + Legoretta, a limestone nival from Spain, was used for the outdoor living room and bonfires. Material and pale pillows are combined with the interior design of the house.

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