5 luxurious house designs with an enchanting garden interior

The design of luxury homes is inseparable from the uniqueness, authenticity and ingenuity of the use of the material and the display of its characteristics. The existence of an internal garden or an internal garden included in the design of luxury homes will provide added value, not only aesthetically, but also the quality of the room and the building as a whole. In reality what is meant by internal garden? From terminology, it is actually easy to understand. Indoor garden means a garden inside a building. What are the advantages of an internal garden? What is the impact on other rooms? How to design a good indoor garden? When did you start designing it? A good interior garden design should have been included from the start of the project and integrated with the overall design to support the design concept that was conceived. Successful interior garden design will make the atmosphere at home more comfortable, pleasant and quality.

1. The interior garden is on par with other architectural elements

In more detail, this house carries the principle of “Sumarah”, namely the acceptance of what it is by the tranquility of the body, the soul and the spirit. From an architectural point of view, this principle means that consciousness is one with nature and culture. Each architectural element must be integrated with each other and become the “soul” of the overall design. This is why the interior garden plays the same important role as the other architectural elements. Greeting the beauty of the plants is felt from the outside garden. When the first room in the house there is an ambiguous feeling because once you enter the house, it will again feel outside the room with the presence of an interior garden covering an area of ​​10 m2 the second floor filled with palm trees, not to mention a collection of orchids and other plants. The interior garden collaborates with voids on it. The rows of palm trees provide beauty and freshness, while the voids ensure the circulation of light and air.

2. The interior garden beautifies the emptiness of space

The existence of an indoor garden becomes a smart idea that is effective and useful for moving around in a vacuum. The surrounding space gets natural light and the circulation of fresh air from the voids that blow the oxygen produced by many sansiviera plants. The tongue is easy to care for, can thrive in pots and does not need to be watered too often.

3. Luxurious house with inner garden around you

The idea of ​​a luxury house with a charming interior garden is inexhaustible. even presenting interior gardens around the family room. This space is deliberately limited by glass walls in order to enjoy the beauty of the interior of the garden. The combination of water, natural stones and ferns interspersed with various succulents is deliberately used to create a minimalist interior garden, beautiful and easy to maintain, and gives a floating impression to the space that surrounds it.

4. Indoor garden that blends with the outdoor garden

The interior of the garden is not necessarily within the room, but must have significant benefits for the surrounding space. Cleverly, creatively and specifically, the MM outdoor garden house continued until some of it became a garden inside the terrace in front of the dining room. This smart idea creates ‘smooth relationships both inside and outside.

5. Indoor garden from ground floor to upper floor

The Tabebuya tree or trumpet, about 2 to 5 meters high, provides beauty and supports the impression of modern minimalism in the family room. The flowers, nicknamed sakura indonesia, have a bright yellow color that can be used as a ‘point of interest’

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